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Bridgeforce Unveils Solution to Streamline Debt Collections & Cut Costs

Bridgeforce Introduces Collections Accelerator, a Quick-Hit Solution to Empower Collections and Recovery Professionals to Streamline Operations and Reduce Costs

Chadds Ford, PA, October 23, 2023 – Bridgeforce, a leading financial services consultancy and provider of collections and recovery solutions, today announced the launch of its refreshed Collections Accelerator Solution. Clients can select from five proven programs designed to help improve their operations and reduce costs.

“This Program can enhance efficiency and cut costs for our clients.”— John Sanders

Today, the credit and lending industry confronts various challenges, including rising delinquencies in credit card and car loans, stagnant loan originations, increased interest rates, workforce reductions, demand for digital options and budget constraints. Collections leaders are doing more with less and still expected to meet revenue targets. Bridgeforce helps collections and recovery professionals overcome challenges with a solution suite that can be completed in as little as two weeks, and in most cases realizes very immediate benefits. Each program in the Collections Accelerator Solution has proven over time to consistently save our clients’ money and time as well as increase dollars collected while improving the borrower experience. Clients receive prioritized areas for optimization and customized execution.

“Our 24 years of industry experience have taught us that by scrutinizing manual processes and identifying opportunities for quick wins, we can enhance efficiency and cut costs for our clients,” explained John Sanders, CEO of Bridgeforce. “We are confident that our suite of programs in our Solution will empower collections leaders to streamline operations and lower expenses.”

The Collections Accelerator Solution Suite includes five different programs:

  1. CollectionsAccelerator 360° Competitiveness Assessment Solution: A comprehensive review of collections operations that provides a detailed report on findings along with customized implementation actions.
  2. CollectionsAccelerator Core Operations Diagnostic Solution: An unobtrusive rapidly deployed collections operation diagnostic that identifies performance enhancements and cost saving opportunities.
  3. CollectionsAccelerator Quick Scan Solution: Swift exploratory “check-up” on collections operations designed to provide an informative view of the business that identifies potential areas of efficiency.
  4. CollectionsAccelerator Digital Diagnostic Solution: A digital strategy evaluation with a topography map of digital assets and report on findings with best practice options and actionable recommendations.
  5. CollectionsAccelerator Call Center Performance Solution: Customized collections call model augmentation that has proven to show a measurable increase in dollars collected as well as reduced losses.

About Bridgeforce

Over the last 24 years, Bridgeforce has helped organizations:

  • Bridge gaps between operations and technology.
  • Translate business vision into the outcomes supporting the vision.
  • Design new data-driven processes that support achieving outcomes.
  • Enhance and transform operational needs from end-to-end.
  • Embed control and compliance.
  • Successfully complete projects within expected timeframes and agreed budgets.

A 95% client re-engagement rate illustrates that Bridgeforce has the knowledge and experience to make the hard choices in developing and implementing best-fit solutions that are both achievable and lower the risks of execution to ensure sustainability.


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