Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Our Financial Services Regulatory Compliance Guidance Scrutinizes Your Compliance Management Program Like a Regulator Would

Consumer lending continues to face some unknowns. During the pandemic, lenders quickly adjusted to maintain their customers’ financial needs and because of some of those pivots, we’ve seen fragmented operations and new challenges for corporate governance and financial services regulatory compliance.

Increased consumer protections across all products throughout the credit lifecycle have added rules—at times ambiguous ones—around all types of consumer communications and outreach. Thus, we believe that our industry needs to brace itself for increased governmental intervention and enforcement by multiple agencies.

Federal agencies and state attorneys general will scrutinize compliance management systems for role clarity, responsibility, and information sharing between the 1st and 2nd lines of defense. Examiners will be more likely to engage with the 1st line going forward.

Bridgeforce works with all firms, no matter where they are in their path to compliance—from those who are just starting compliance and control journeys to those with more established operations. We design sustainable solutions based on an organization’s size, capabilities and culture.

During the Great Recession and the pandemic, seven top 10 banks turned to our subject matter experts to navigate operational complexities. We’ve conducted hundreds of compliance assessments, written and mapped procedures for all major elements of consumer banking, driven process improvements, and provided support to stand up new compliance and control organizations.

There’s not one member of our team who hasn’t rolled up their sleeves to protect our clients and their customers on more than 145 compliance projects across 30 different lenders.

Real Results.

In the past 5 years we have:
  • Completed 145 regulatory compliance projects.
  • Provided leadership for regulatory exam preparation and issue remediation to a top 10 banking client, resulting in the client passing their exam with all issues remediated.
  • Delivered full transparency of over 800 issues in mortgage originations for a rapidly expanding credit union coming under CFPB oversight. The client re-engaged Bridgeforce to do the same for four additional business areas.
  • Developed RPA requirements, an implementation plan and ongoing controls that ultimately reduced overall processing by 40% for fraud and dispute chargebacks.
  • Designed a compliance management system and control framework for a non-bank fintech lender in advance of an impending partnership with a national bank. The effort resulted in approval of partnership and product rollout from the bank sponsor.
  • Earned 9 out of 10 as an average client satisfaction score across all 101 regulatory compliance projects.
Case Studies Enhancing a Bank’s International Operational Risk Management to Address Regulatory Findings

Bridgeforce trusted advisors were the driving force behind the design and delivery of enhancements to address regulatory findings of the operating model and risk management framework for the international arm...

Ensuring compliance management systems protect you and your customers

Regulatory Assessment and Exam Preparation

We provide a thorough review of your existing environment, which requires understanding the governance, functional structures, control programs, and documented activities to evidence compliance. Our proprietary assessment templates and compliance constructs will quickly uncover gaps. We organize the effort around more than the examination manual to identify and improve areas to be addressed.

Compliance Management System (CMS) Assessment and Optimization

Bridgeforce evaluates your CMS to determine how you define, detect and control compliance and operational risk. Through interviews and discovery sessions of the 1st and 2nd lines of defense, we identify issues similar to CFPB findings or enforcement actions. Then, we populate an assessment matrix that shows gaps in policies, procedures, training and monitoring. Finally, we build a future-state road map to address gaps and draft a comprehensive plan for sustainable long-term compliance management.

Issue Remediation

We’ve expedited closure of thousands of internal and external audit findings for top 10 and global banks and mid-size lenders. We bring in former regulatory, operations and IT executives to reengineer processes, introduce automation, provide training, and develop policies and procedures to ensure compliance. Our program provides tangible evidence to validate that the reported risks were remediated and the controls put in place operate effectively.

RegTech and Automation

Bridgeforce identifies and prioritizes your business needs so that the right tools and solutions are put in place to support compliance and operational efficiencies. We build use-cases and prioritize them, outline the requirements, and identify necessary risk and controls. We select and implement right-fit solutions, aggregate and cleanse data, establish governance and oversight and perform post-implementation testing. Our efforts result in our client’s ability to focus on augmenting and enabling the workforce using automation rather than reducing the workforce.

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