We solve the gamut of strategic and operational problems faced by all types of lenders—from top 10 US banks to global financial institutions. Our trusted experts have provided sustainable solutions for lenders managing a combined total of trillions of dollars in assets.  We selectively bring on senior industry experts to bridge the gap between today’s challenges and emerging advantages. We may not be a big 4 firm, but our impact reaches every facet of the financial services industry.

We have a track record of 24 years of successful client projects associated with risk exposure, compliance burdens, operational strategies, digital enablement and technology evolution. Across each service area we always provide clients with practical solutions, straightforward feedback, the ability to gain collaboration and a promise to ensure that the outcome is successful. This continuous effort results in consistent customer satisfaction scores averaging 9 out of 10.

strategy & business transformation
Strategy & Business Transformation

We create the strategic vision for our clients’ business and then execute. Our advisory services are grounded in the practical goals of increased revenue, reduced cost and improved customer satisfaction and security.

Change Management
Change Management

We accelerate clients’ change agendas, by quickly gaining the confidence of executive sponsors in order to augment in-house change teams to tackle new challenges. We take full responsibility for flawless delivery and execution.

optimal collections performance
Collections & Loss Mitigation

We build treatment strategies for evolving customer needs and regulatory requirements. We lead all aspects of vendor selection and implementation to ensure a smooth digital transition. We accomplish it all while making sure that agents have the tools and training to handle increasingly complex scenarios.

Credit Reporting & Disputes
Credit Reporting & Disputes

Our consumer reporting compliance framework integrates reporting, dispute management, controls and governance. The program includes data accuracy activities, root cause analysis of disputes and usage oversight while ensuring evidence of compliance.

Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance

For 24 years, we have met client needs driven by changing regulations. We’ve conducted hundreds of compliance assessments, prepared for and remediated exam findings, written procedures for all major elements of consumer banking, driven process improvements, built and implemented new compliance and control organizations.

risk management
Risk Management

Managing risk is not one-size-fits-all. We provide practical, tailored ways to manage all types of risk (operational, strategic or regulatory). We establish where to create controls to eradicate risks and where to develop strategy to manage and control others.

“One of the differentiators I noticed in working with Bridgeforce is their approachability and humility. Some other consulting groups tend to have an arrogance about them. The Bridgeforce team are more concerned with embedding themselves to an extent and really helping customize a result for you rather than a traditional ‘push’ strategy used by larger firms.”