A suite of services to fast-track your way to collecting more.

The fastest path to efficiency is to understand why you’re not collecting more with your current operations. We get that. You want to be more efficient. And you want to collect more.

Discover performance improvements in as little as two weeks.

The Bridgeforce Collections Performance Suite, a range of services designed with 24 years of experience, creates collections efficiency across a wide range of products – from mortgage, credit card and auto, to secured and unsecured.

We’re so confident we can help you improve your collections performance that we’ve built the industry’s fastest, proven, only fixed-price tool to help you quickly understand how to make your operations more efficient.

Upfront pricing and timelines. Guaranteed. Tailored to you.

The Bridgeforce Collections Performance suite of solutions gives you the best of both worlds:

  • It’s the only collections advisory suite guaranteed to deliver results with upfront pricing and timelines and,
  • Is custom-built to help lending institutions like yours quickly implement solutions that will improve your collections operations – from your digital platforms to your call centers.

We don’t need to convince you with a sales call. Click the button below to download the immediate pricing and details for each solution.

Fixed pricing delivered upfront without a call.


  • Fixed timelines avoid long, protracted engagements and spiraling costs.
  • Guaranteed to take the uncertainty out of the equation.
  • Senior experts tackle your project – no junior staff.
  • You choose the service that’s tailored to fit your collections operation.
  • Proven track-record delivering fast, effective results through ~1,000 successful projects.
  • 24 years working with lenders ranging from top-10 banks to regional credit unions and fintechs.
  • 95% re-engagement rate — our clients trust us and return to us for solutions.
  • Custom-built for lending institutions up to $8B in assets (if you’re a larger lender, please reach out for a quote).
“Let me express my gratitude towards the Bridgeforce team. My colleague and I both agree that the professionalism, diligence, and time conciseness of each of you was outstanding and the deliverables were executed with a high level of detail.”

– Default Operations Leader (CollectionsAccelerator 360° COMPETITIVENESS ASSESSMENT client)

The Bridgeforce Collections Performance Suite of Services

Performance Suite  Foundational:

  1. Policies and Procedures Review
  2. Current Capabilities Scan
  3. Side-by-side Work Session
  4. Findings Report
  5. Standard Completion Time: 2 weeks

Performance Suite  Fundamental:

  1. Policies and Procedures Review
  2. Current Capabilities Scan
  3. Staff Interviews
  4. Tailored Stakeholder Report
  5. Action & Findings Report
  6. Standard Completion Time: 2-3 weeks

Performance Suite  Comprehensive:

  1. 360° Analysis of Policies, Procedures, Customer Communications for:
    • Offer & Contact Strategies, Compliant Procedures, Improved Workflows, Risk Control
    • Customer Analytics and Activity Data
  2. Staff Interviews
  3. Training Analysis
  4. Best Practices Audit
  5. Completed Gap Assessment of Current State to Industry Best Practice
  6. Comparison Report: Actual Activities Versus P&P
  7. Priority Enhancement Plan
  8. Future-Proof Plan
  9. Standard Completion Time: 4 weeks

Performance Suite  Digital Diagnostic:

  1. Digital Usage Evaluation
  2. Scan Against Regulatory Requirements
  3. Comparison to Customer Needs
  4. List of Weaknesses
  5. Enhancement Plan
  6. Standard Completion Time: 2-3 weeks

Performance Suite  Call Center Performance:

  1. Call Listening with Feedback Forms and Individualized Coaching Sessions
  2. Customized Call Model
  3. Interactive Agent and Manager Training Agenda with Materials
  4. Step-by-Step Agent Training Facilitator Manuals
  5. Call Quality Dashboard with Team Results
  6. Effective Communication Job Aids and Call Coaching Forms
  7. Standard Completion Time: 4-6 weeks

Our Collections Performance Suite of solutions is custom built for lending institutions up to $8B in assets; larger lenders can reach out for a custom quote for their organization.