Our clients trust us to build solutions to solve their problems. If we didn’t produce consistent results, we wouldn’t have a proud 23-year history and a 95% re-engagement rate with consistent referrals among senior executives. Our clients are always happy because we measure success at the project level, not the “account” level. We wouldn’t thrive otherwise.

Bridgeforce defines new operating model and successfully executes in a complex corporate environment

We were the driving force behind the design and delivery of enhancements to remediate regulatory findings of the operating model and risk management framework for the international arm of a large US-based bank.

Case Studies Create and Launch Operating Model and Risk Management Enhancements to Address Regulatory Findings

“[Bridgeforce] brought project structure and strong subject matter expertise; supporting as we built out a new team—and beyond—to keep our efforts on track.”


Our client successfully implemented a full digital solution in just two months by using our vendor selection process

The client needed to rapidly improve their digital collections capabilities due to volumes of borrowers falling behind on payments. To complete the process within eight weeks, our team took over the end-to-end vendor selection process for the client.

Case Studies Manage Vendor Selection Process to Accelerate Digital Collections Implementation

“Bridgeforce…established a framework/ operating model for project success and provided leadership and subject matter expertise that enabled rapid deployment of digital capabilities, ultimately moving [us] to align with industry leaders in digital collection offerings.”


Delivered collections strategies and enhancements within weeks, thus gaining an expected 40-50% increase in collection rates

The collections arm of a residential leasing agency needed to quickly increase collection rates and adapt to the challenges of an economic downturn. We developed outreach strategies and long-term sustainable treatments.

Case Studies Collections Enhancements to Boost Residential Leasing Agency Revenue

“The Bridgeforce team is incredibly knowledgeable in their space, they adapt to the environment as their training evolves and they are nimble. Able to shift gears and focus as dictated by need. An overall excellent experience.”


Provided a 98-bps uplift in portfolio yield for a leading credit card portfolio company looking to increase profitability

We used our risk-based-pricing model to identify customer segments suitable for re-pricing, then determined target “go to rates” for each reprice population.

Case Studies Improving Existing Portfolio Profitability

“I’ve gotten more mileage out of the Bridgeforce team in the last 6 weeks than from my own internal analytics group in the last 6 months.”


Reduced a top 20 bank’s fraud disputes backlog of 25,000 claims to less than 5,000 within a few weeks

We conducted a targeted assessment to identify and prioritize opportunities and constraints, homing in on the repeatable manual processes that consumed agent time and slowed the time to process chargeback claims. The data we collected was used to create an action roadmap for both short and long-term enhancements. We also built requirements for the new process automation, resulting in implementation of the BOT.

Case Studies Reduce Fraud Disputes Backlog of 25,000 Claims to Less than 5,000

“The Bridgeforce team delivered more than expected and billed less than what was approved. The team’s real-world experience made a big difference in what we were able to accomplish. Thank you for the partnership.”


Built a strategic approach to transform mortgage servicing that expects to achieve $600 million in benefit annually

Over four months we developed a strategic plan along with site-specific action plans. We used forecasting and modeling tools and held multiple working sessions to identify automation opportunities.

Case Studies Building a New Future for Mortgage Servicing with a Top 10 Lender

“[Bridgeforce consistently] brings pragmatic and value-added solutions.”


Bridgeforce employs experienced industry professionals that have been fully vetted on their skills and knowledge. The ability for Bridgeforce consultants to have experiential references on topics being discussed provides confidence that they “get it” and can deliver on your objectives. Solutions are pragmatic and value added.

— Top 10 Bank