Our Partners

Our unique combination of skills and industry insights help our clients bridge gaps to solve a broad range of challenges. But for highly specialized needs such as platforms for loan origination advanced analytics for identity fraud and credit risk or proprietary machine-learning technologies we partner with the most innovative leaders in their respective fields. Together there’s no problem we can’t solve.

Bridgeforce Data Solutions

Improving Data Quality and Speeding Up Decision Cycles

Bridgeforce Data Solutions helps clients improve their data accuracy and speed up decision cycles through our fundamentally different approach to business intelligence. Most start with the data and look for what can be found in these big piles of data. We go the other way: leveraging deep expertise in lending businesses to define the questions and ongoing decisions that you need to answer in a data-driven way. We concentrate on helping clients in two key areas: Data Inspection & Compliance, and Data Insights & Analytics.


CBS Academy

Coaching Better Skills

CBS Academy is dedicated to transforming professional and organizational performance. Our comprehensive approach includes online and in-person training, leadership mentoring, and a focus on deep expertise in financial service operations. We excel in converting employee turnover into loyalty, alleviating burnout with renewed purpose, and turning customer losses into gains. Since 1994, we’ve been global leaders in enhancing call center efficiency across collections, customer care, and sales, Certifying over 29,000 Agents and Leaders in hundreds of sites. Our mission is to foster sustainable improvements in performance, satisfaction, and team cohesion, underpinning our belief in work as a facet of a fulfilling life. Let’s elevate your business together.

CBS Academy


Your Trusted Partner for Developing Digital Customer Journeys

Our purpose is to help financial, telco and utility companies to connect and communicate with their customers. Our customer communication solutions empower brands to deliver seamless campaigns that are agile, quick and easy. We enjoy helping businesses digitize customer communication processes, reducing cost to serve and customer churn, whilst furthering them towards a more sustainable paperless future.

We envision a seamlessly connected world, in which our clients and partners have the comfort of knowing that in working with CustomerMinds, their customer communications are optimized for ease of use, automation, cost and sustainability.


The iA Institute

News, Insight, and Connection for Professionals in Consumer Finance

Professionals in financial services look to the iA Institute for in-depth news, education, trend analysis, business development and networking. Our initiatives cover: Collections Legal & Compliance (insideARM) and Digital Collections Strategy (Collections & Recovery).

The iA Institute.com


Case Central™ Dispute Management solution

PMG delivers powerful integrated solutions to drive efficiency and compliance in business processes. With 25 years of experience serving four million end users in over 100 countries, PMG’s low-code development platform has empowered leading enterprises to achieve 70%-80% savings in critical areas of their businesses.

Case Central™ is PMG’s off-the-shelf case management solution that provides a centralized place to organize and store all the information, communications, and files related to a case. By integrating data from multiple existing financial systems, Case Central™ Dispute Management ensures that employees verifying consumer credit disputes have access to all the information required to conduct their investigations thoroughly and efficiently.


Perigon Partners

Strategic sustainability advice that builds enterprise value and real-world impact.

Perigon Partners is a boutique management consultancy that specialises in the development of ESG and Impact strategies for corporate and General Partner clients.  Perigon brings Sustainability to the centre of the strategic dialogue, helping businesses to realise and sustain long-term advantage.  The team’s products and services provide business leaders with the structure, support and expertise to assess ESG and Impact prospects for their organisation, to develop strategies that progress in lockstep with commercial goals, and to measure, report and communicate outcomes.