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Residential Leasing Agency Boosts Collection Rates by 50% in Weeks

In a swift and strategic partnership, Bridgeforce helped a residential leasing agency propel their debt collection rates by an impressive 40-50%, mitigating losses amid economic challenges. Read on for a deeper dive into how the client (with our guidance) built transformative strategies that yielded tangible results.

In the throes of an economic downturn, a leading residential leasing agency faced a critical challenge: quickly increase collection rates while navigating the complexities of a pandemic. The mission was clear – reduce losses, increase revenue, and maintain sensitivity to residents’ struggles.

In a rare move, the agency turned to financial consultants to help them through challenging times. Bridgeforce’s help brought the client immediate financial gains – a remarkable 50% increase in collection rates – and established a strategic framework for sustained success, aligning the agency’s teams and operations for continued growth.

Bridgeforce Brings Suite of Enhancements to Residential Leasing Agency’s Debt Collections Operations

Precision Data Insights: Guiding the Way

Bridgeforce’s data analysts meticulously dissected the collections portfolio, identifying predictive risk and curability attributes. Armed with this insight, a dynamic guide was crafted, empowering the client to manage and enhance operations internally as data continued to evolve.

Tailored Outreach Evolution

By revolutionizing the client’s outreach strategies, the team aligned contact channels, frequency, and messaging with consumers’ willingness to cure. Enhanced written communications, spanning all outreach strategies and channels added finesse to the client’s approach.

Call Excellence Redefined

Bridgeforce designed a cutting-edge call model, agent script, and call scoring framework. The result? Agents were re-trained and empowered for ongoing coaching, ensuring every interaction counted.

Realistic, Actionable Roadmap

In collaboration with stakeholders, Bridgeforce experts devised realistic next steps and an implementation roadmap, setting the stage for seamless execution of recommendations.

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Turbocharged Success in Record Time

Bridgeforce’s enhancements proved transformative for the client, delivering a rapid 40-50% surge in collection rates. Our carefully planned approach minimized client effort and downtime, providing scalability for internal growth. Benefits to the client at the end of the project included:

  • Segmentation Mastery: Anticipated 40-50% increase in collection rates.
  • Universal Team Buy-In: From C-suite to operations, IT, and HR – Bridgeforce garnered unanimous support.
  • Empowered for Success: Equipped with tools and multiple frameworks, the client was poised for sustainable success.

Why Bridgeforce?

Embracing use of a consulting firm in a rare decision, our client turned to Bridgeforce for one compelling reason – a reputation for delivering tangible results within tight timelines. The client needed:

  • Risk Assessment Prowess: Identifying predictive risk attributes for initial segmentation.
  • Strategic Communication Overhaul: Evaluating and enhancing all communication channels, treatment options, and strategies for revised segments.
  • Digital Excellence Audit: Scrutinizing current digital strategies and proposing a roadmap for near- and long-term enhancements.

Bridgeforce’s strategic expertise not only met but exceeded expectations, laying the foundation for the residential leasing agency’s financial triumph in the face of adversity.


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