Change Management

Change Management

We Can Manage Your Change with Strong Communication, Smooth Transitions and Flawless Execution

The supply and demand equation for change in financial services has never been so one-sided. You’ve already experienced the rapid pace of changing consumer behaviors and high expectations. This pace of change coupled with the accelerated flight to digital channels and the ever-present regulatory burden have created a huge need for constant evolution. On the supply side, historically low interest rates and compressed margins have tightened budgets normally allocated to keeping pace with technology. Remote and hybrid workforces makes it harder to implement change initiatives.  As a result, it has never been more important to extract the maximum value from limited resources. Bridgeforce offers banking change consulting to help you adapt to a rapidly changing landscape.

We’ve seen today’s high-performing financial organizations staying high-performing by adopting two essential disciplines: objective and consistent prioritization routines and an obsessive focus on execution and accountability.

Bridgeforce has driven complex change through our banking change consulting services for the last 24 years for more than 200 clients, accelerating our clients’ change agendas, augmenting in-house change teams to tackle new challenges, and taking full responsibility for flawless delivery and execution. We believe that successful change is a combination of both hearts and minds and nuts and bolts. With 85% of our team coming from client-side roles, we know the details necessary to build you a compelling business case for change, socialize change to confidently gain approvals, lead with accountability and focus, and then execute flawlessly.

Managing Partner, Adam Thornber shares the Bridgeforce way of succeeding in change management in the video, Succeed in the Current State of Change Management.

Real Results.

In the past 5 years we have:
  • Built a large-scale site consolidation plan to dramatically reduce a lender’s real estate footprint by 47%, thus meeting their ambitious timeframe of four weeks while effectively mitigating critical risks.
  • Developed a new fraud defense strategy and change management program to create a culture of fraud awareness for a top 20 financial institution. The client achieved its desired fraud loss rates and the team embraced the new fraud initiatives.
  • Achieved 97% consolidation in a top 10 bank’s auto lending program. We streamlined and centralized formerly fragmented operations within default management and mitigated over 60 high-risk processes.
  • Developed an actionable strategic plan to drive a top 10 mortgage lender and servicer to redirect mortgage servicing business and increase customer retention with an expected $600 MM in benefit annually.
  • Earned average client satisfaction score of 9 out of 10 for providing sustainable solutions with smooth transition.

Directing change prioritization and execution so you can focus on business as usual

Complex Change Program Management

We’ve developed, tested and executed an end-to-end change management approach uniquely suited to each client. Our fact-based business cases have compelled the most reluctant executives to advocate change with confidence. We can flawlessly execute your change initiatives with prioritized roadmaps and a disciplined project management philosophy.

Stakeholder Management and Communications

Keeping stakeholders informed throughout the change cycle is one of the keys to successful execution.  We recognize that one size does not fit all and tailor our communications to meet the specific needs of diverse stakeholder groups.  From executive sponsors to frontline operations colleagues, our approach ensures they get the information they need when they need it.

Procedures Documentation

85% of our consultants have previous leadership experience within financial services, which makes us the firm that successfully bridges the gap between operations, internal IT and third-party providers. We can create detailed procedures that effectively document the future state and avoid costly misunderstandings.

Business Readiness

Our approach efficiently and safely moves clients from one mindset or environment to another by placing equal value on driving results (speed of execution and time to market) and emotional intelligence (winning hearts and minds through change advocacy).

Program Governance and Reporting

Our proprietary program management framework enables us to contextualize change from a range of vantage points spanning product, sales, distribution, risk, operations and compliance.

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