Bridgeforce helps financial services companies of all sizes bridge the gap between pressing challenges and emerging opportunities to succeed and thrive. Whatever the need, we bring a unique combination of skill, talent and insight to the project—and the right people armed with direct and relevant experience. We are thinkers and doers known for our extraordinary commitment and hands-on approach to providing the best recommendations—as well as practical, actionable and measurable solutions. Our approach  results in extraordinary value for our clients’ investments and sustainable positive change for the future.

Who We Are

Our Story

Bridgeforce was founded by two former banking leaders who grew tired of consultants who told them what they wanted to hear—and not what they needed to hear. While these so-called experts could identify strategic gaps, they often lacked the real-world experience to implement real-world solutions. So, Bridgeforce was born.

The Bridgeforce founders saw an opportunity to form a different type of financial services consulting firm, one where clients’ objectives come first and experienced practitioners—not career consultants—provide value-added, sustainable solutions that are also achievable. The formula was to build a company with both the knowledge and experience to develop best-fit solutions for each individual client, and to have the determination and authenticity to work through the real challenges of execution.

“Bridgeforce is a different type of financial services consulting firm—experienced practitioners and problem solvers—not career consultants—who put clients’ objectives first and provide value-added, sustainable solutions that are also achievable.”

Our Guarantee

95% of our business comes from repeat clients with high customer satisfaction. We are your nimble, trustworthy, collaborative and creative partner. We guarantee:

  • Qualified teams with real-world experience.
  • Assured delivery of sustainable solutions.
  • Efficient and faultless project management.
  • Cost-effective high-quality deliverables.

Our Approach

At Bridgeforce, we are an extension of our clients—the individuals and organizations with whom we have the privilege to work.

Here, client success is the direct result of our relevant experience, collective knowledge, ability to adapt and stay relevant, and an extraordinary commitment to providing the best recommendations.

Every Bridgeforce consulting area comprises expert consultants who have hands-on experience in a variety of services designed to help clients meet their internal and external challenges, as well as optimize economic and marketplace opportunities.

Our Values

  • Integrity: We never overpromise, but always strive to overdeliver.
  • Courage and Resolve: We have an unwavering commitment to hands-on involvement in every assignment.
  • Expertise: We bring a combination of strategic, operational, technological, and regulatory subject-matter expertise to every client relationship.
  • Innovation: We’ve made the organizational and financial commitment to stay at the cusp of emerging technology solutions to enable our clients’ success.
  • Confidentiality: There is no industry more attuned to security and trust. And there’s no one more committed to those beliefs than Bridgeforce.
  • Commitment: Your success is our success. It’s never the other way around.

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Our Culture

  • Our people are our priority: We invest in our people and give them the tools to maintain the highest level of industry knowledge and experience.
  • Communication is key: Direct and authentic communication with our clients helps us achieve real solutions, not short-term fixes.
  • Complex problems require innovative solutions: We focus on thought leadership and the ability to turn insights into action.
  • Get to the root: Resolving internal and external audit issues at the root cause ensures that sustainable practices are implemented.
  • Lead by example: Providing interim leadership to clients, if needed, ensures effective implementation of new advanced capabilities or processes.
  • Respond rapidly: We are quick to respond to clients’ needs and requests.

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