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Building a New Future for Mortgage Servicing with a Top 10 Lender

A Top 10 Mortgage Lender’s Planned Transformation in Mortgage Servicing Was Poised for Improved Customer Retention and Estimated $600M Benefit

A distinguished top 10 mortgage lender and servicer found themselves at a crossroads. Economic tides, regulatory reforms, and the looming shadow of change in servicing environments had reshaped the industry. Their mortgage servicing needed a transformation, and they turned to us, their trusted partner of over a decade, for guidance.

Bridgeforce’s identified enhancements and actionable approach to the lender’s mortgage servicing business positioned the client for improved customer retention, surpassed efficiency goals and an expected $600 million in benefit annually.

Bridgeforce Provides an Actionable Strategic Plan to Help Lender Redirect Mortgage Servicing Business

Mortgage Servicing Depiction

Our history was one of reliability, always delivering practical, value-enhancing solutions. As we embarked on this pivotal journey, our mission was clear:

We had to unearth the very roots of the lender’s business and understand what necessitated change. Next, we crafted a visionary roadmap, actionable and precise. We aimed to not only address the immediate issues but to ensure that pitfalls could be avoided in the future. Our final goal was to present a compelling business case, pinpointing not just the “what” but also the “when.”

Discovery and Analysis: Bridgeforce Combs Through Processes to Pinpoint Improvement Opportunities

In four months, our team of seasoned executives and industry experts developed a strategic roadmap along with site-specific action plans.

We convened intensive working sessions across multiple business lines, meticulously identifying opportunities for process refinement and automation. We used the lessons learned in the past to shape the road ahead.

Suite of Proprietary Tools Efficiently Assesses Multiple Sites

Built on trust and collaboration, our approach hinged on a powerful suite of proprietary forecasting and modeling tools. Our arsenal encompassed:

  • Guiding Principles: These acted as our North Star, aligning the transformation with the client’s strategic vision.
  • Configurable Ranking Dashboards: These illuminated new site scenarios with precision.
  • Capacity Modeling Forecast: We peered into the future, envisioning the impact of proposed changes on both employees and performance servicing expectations.
  • Assessment Tool: This became our compass, helping us navigate the ramifications of offshore opportunities, ensuring that every decision was well-informed.

Lender Transforms Mortgage Servicing at Estimated $600 Million Annual Benefit

Our collective efforts and innovative tools converged into a strategic roadmap, laying the foundation for our client’s seamless, metrics-driven future.

  • $600 Million Annual Benefit: The client was now poised to reap the rewards of our strategic counsel.
  • Informed and Confident Leadership: After the project, executive sponsors emerged not just informed, but they now posessed a profound understanding of the potential risks intertwined with site adjustments.
  • Minimal Disruption: Our client avoided any disruptive organizational changes, preserving harmony for both staff and customers.
  • An Empowering Playbook: The final strategy wasn’t just a document; it was a source of empowerment. Armed with this comprehensive playbook, our client had the tools to orchestrate thoughtful, consistent changes across their business landscape.


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