Matt Fredericks Senior Consultant

Matt has a keen ability to home in on process imperfections and then revise existing processes and develop new ones. Since joining Bridgeforce in 2013, Matt has developed several financial P&Ps. His work consistently improves the accuracy and efficiency of our expense reporting, budgeting and invoicing.

Additionally, he splits his time between client engagements and internal Bridgeforce finance work. Most of Matt’s client work has been in credit reporting. His recent focus has been documenting how clients’ system of records map to their Metro 2® files prior to sending to the Nationwide Credit Reporting Agencies. This mapping exercise often uncovers opportunities for accuracy.

Other recent projects include creating an account segmentation strategy for a student loan servicer to help improve recovery rates and performing a due diligence exercise on a private equity firm’s portfolio.

The Bridgeforce team reaps the rewards of Matt’s efficiency and attention to detail. Matt helps lead the company’s monthly accounting close process. He has developed financial reports that management uses to determine company performance.

Matt graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in finance and resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania with his energetic dog.

“Matt recently delivered the executive presentation to a client for credit reporting furnishing. He did a stellar job and commanded the material with confidence while monitoring the chat room for a captive 30 participant audience.”

Specialty Areas:

  •  Metro 2® Mapping

  • Credit Bureau Reporting

  • Data analysis and reporting