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Enhancements Reduce Bank’s Fraud Disputes Backlog by 80%

A top 20 bank had a large backlog of 25,000 fraud disputes. Bridgeforce’s suggested process automation enhancements slashed the backlog to 5,000 for an estimated $1.15M total saved in fraud recovery.

A growing Fraud Disputes Backlog Signals a Need for Process Automation

The client, a top-20 bank, was struggling to keep up with fraud and dispute volumes. Their fraud team was working within an older infrastructure optimized only for manual processing. As the bank’s fraud disputes backlog grew, so did the need to increase processing efficiency.

Bridgeforce was called to help cut the bank’s disputes backlog down from 25,000. Our redesign of fraud and transaction dispute claims processes reduced the backlog by 80% and the bank is estimated to save $1.15 million in fraud recovery.

Finding Automation Opportunities in a Limited Dataset

Our challenge was to work within a structure with limited data to find opportunities for automation.

Bridgeforce experts conducted a targeted assessment to identify and prioritize opportunities and constraints, homing in on the repeatable manual processes that consumed agent time and slowed the time to process chargeback claims. Collaborating with the client, we confirmed the

We delivered an action roadmap for both short-and long-term enhancements, and then moved into defining the new process automation opportunities.

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Defining Process Automation for Fraud Disputes Claims

We worked alongside internal teams to gather process automation (BOT) requirements for the internal development team to execute. This effort resulted in a shortened development time and allowed the client to focus internal resources on the highest value processes.

Through this automation, the client was able to reduce headcount needs. Claims agents also saw reduced processing times (and compliance and SLA targets) through elimination of the backlogged claims.

80% Fraud Disputes Backlog Reduction and Over 1 Million Dollars Recovered

Our work ultimately shortened development time and helped the client focus resources on highest-value processes. The automation and process redesigns resulted in the bank’s ability to quickly reduce an initial backlog of 25,000 claims to less than 5,000 – with a projection to eliminate the entire backlog within weeks following the project.

Additionally, we increased the client’s recovery of over $1 million because claims are processed more quickly and within SLAs. Ultimately, the BOT saved the client $1.5 million in annual headcount savings.

Why Bridgeforce?

Because the bank was looking for outside experience to challenge existing processes and identify areas that could be automated to provide the most value, it relied on our extensive client-side experience to quickly understand the bank’s processes and identify actions that could be automated to increase recovery and reduce staffing costs.


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