Advanced Digital Capabilities for Loss Mitigation

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Webinar Recap

We all agree – digital is here. It allows you to be everywhere at once, giving freedom to the customer to decide how they want to interact with you. But reducing your cost to collect while increasing customer value using digital and analytics is easier said than done unless you have a systematic way of leveraging those digital capabilities. You need advanced digital capabilities for loss mitigation.

Our Webinar Introduced a Systematic Process that Taught Attendees:

  • How web interfaces can successfully capture valuable information about their customers
  • How to build and deliver dynamic journeys that are “digital conversations”
  • How to utilize advanced analytics to begin the “digital conversation” sooner

By coupling digital capabilities with website analytics, organizations can successfully engage with their delinquent customers in a digital space. Analytics can be used to accurately detect red flags in customer behavior, allowing digital platforms to offer custom remedies to those customers affected.

Our webinar brought to light the power of digital and advanced analytics for driving engagement with delinquent customers.

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A Snapshot of What We Learned

The attendees of our webinar helped reinforce our beliefs that banks should have an active role in assisting customers digitally. Attendees were in favor of banks (with authenticated websites) using customer data to adapt messaging and help customers whenever possible.

Polling Responses

Question 1: Do you think websites should change appearance and content based on your behavior patterns?

  • Absolutely: 36%
  • Sometimes: 71%
  • Never: 0%

Question 2: Should your primary bank have an active role in supporting your financial wealth?

  • Absolutely: 57%
  • Sort of: 43%
  • No way: 0%

Question 3: Are you willing to provide information on a website you trust if it will help you get the best/most accurate information or offer?

  • Yes: 92%
  • No: 8%

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[Editor’s note: this webinar was presented by Michael Orefice, former Bridgeforce digital collections expert]

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