Process Management Rules & Tools Guide

How healthy is your current change management program?  Are you struggling to obtain organizational buy-in?  What about missing key indicators that signal impending challenges? Are you experiencing a process fraught with issues that regularly place deadlines in jeopardy?

A well-run change management program is essential to successfully introducing and implementing new and improved processes for optimal business performance. Two of our seasoned leaders, John Sanders and Andrew Domino put together a guide based on what they’ve seen over the years and what works. They first shared it at CBA LIVE and then made it available broadly to clients and the industry through our Insights section.

Designed to address common pitfalls, as well as unique situations we’ve encountered, this Process Management Rules and Tools Guide showcases strategies to position you for success. You can use the guide to identify risk using project management tenets and best practices.

Topics included in the guide:

  1. How to identify risk using project management tenets and best practices
  2. How effective governance can be a value-add to change management
  3. How to plan for success using the right tools and activities

You can use some or all of our rules and tools for process management. Access them at any point in your change management program. Contact us if you have any questions about the guide or if you need help getting started, or addressing issues underway.

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