Achieve an Uplift of Over 40% in Dollars Collected

How to Achieve an Uplift of 40-50% in Dollars Collected and 25-35% in Arrangements Secured

There is a default surge coming – and all signs suggest that it will be on a large scale. What does this mean for collections? Simply put, yesterday’s collections strategies just won’t work.

Today, in order to increase collection rates, organizations must focus on targeting customers who can pay and providing viable options for those who need help.

This white paper outlines 5 steps to a successful strategy.

We’ve highlighted techniques a collections strategy must adopt to remain successful:

  1. Employ Data-Driven Segmentation
  2. Design Targeted Collection Strategies
  3. Tailor Written Communications
  4. Strengthen Agent Skills
  5. Improve Digital Capabilities

By following these steps, you could achieve an uplift of 40% in dollars collected and >25% in arrangements secured — in as few as 16 weeks. We know this is possible because we’ve achieved these results for existing clients using this process.

Download the white paper here to unlock the full strategy behind our five-step approach and begin to increase collection rates and arrangements secured.

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