Lynne Cox Senior Delivery Manager

As a senior delivery manager, Lynne brings over 20 years of banking experience to execute a broad spectrum of large-scale change initiatives for U.K. and U.S. clients. Examples include technology integrations/migrations, product launches, risk-based reviews and process/cost/revenue/customer optimization. Lynne applies execution focus, efficiency, and faultless delivery to all that she does. Clients have even referred to her as a “work horse.”​

Lynne’s recent projects include new product launches in secured lending and credit cards, system migrations, collections strategy enhancements, and addressing regulatory risk through comprehensive and auditable action plans. Clients commend Lynne frequently for coming up to speed quickly, for her organizational leadership and always working tirelessly ​to get the job done.

Lynne lives in the Scottish countryside with her 2 children and loves travel, exploring the outdoors and supporting local charities close to her heart.​

“Lynne was so good on that call - she really knocked the vendor off their feet with her fact-based approach to where they were not meeting expectations.”— Client

Specialty Areas:

  • Customer Journey Digitization and Channel Optimization
  • Operational Efficiency and Management Oversight
  • Portfolio Profitability, Cost and Risk Management Strategies
  • Managing Technology Integrations and System Replacements
  • Effective Program Management