Lynne Cox Senior Program Manager

As a senior program manager, Lynne brings her 16-plus years of banking experience to execute a broad spectrum of large-scale change initiatives for U.K. and U.S. clients, such as technology integrations, risk-based reviews and process/cost/revenue/customer optimization.

Prior to Bridgeforce, Lynne held a number of leadership roles at RBS. She affected customer journey improvements for a client in 12 weeks that resulted in a six-day reduction in time to drawdown, a 1.8 percent increase in conversion and £144k annual cost savings. Lynne lives in the Scottish countryside with her husband and two children, enjoying the outdoors and leveraging her skills to support the local community charities wherever she can.

Specialty Areas:

  • Customer Journey Digitization and Channel Optimization
  • Operational Efficiency and Management Oversight
  • Portfolio Profitability, Cost and Risk Management Strategies
  • Managing Technology Integrations and System Replacements
  • Effective Program Management