Credit Reporting & Disputes

Spotlight: Techniques for Credit Reporting & Disputes

Increased regulatory scrutiny into your consumer reporting and disputes practices means that now more than ever, you need to ensure you’re efficient, customer-focused and of course, compliant.

We understand these issues are top of mind at your organization. As problem solvers for the financial services industry, we are focused on all of your challenges. So, here are some of our most popular credit reporting and disputes insights.


Where Proficiency Meets Efficiency: Credit Bureau Disputes Case Management

Build a business case for increased efficiency with the top four reasons for a Disputes Case Management System. Picture this…the next five disputes in queue are a mix of indirect and direct, which means two different applications. The disputes are for five different products…more

5 Essential Elements for Your Disputes Management Framework

A straightforward way to organize, investigate and solve disputes that’s customer focused and regulator ready. What does it mean to have a successful disputes management framework? It means you have a customer-first approach that actively identifies…more

Boost Disputes Management in 3 Steps

Increase operational efficiency by adjusting three areas: 1) disputes processing effectiveness, 2) data quality, and 3) forecasting.  Just like everyone else, you’re busy with credit reporting disputes. Disputes volumes continue to exhaust dispute processing operations…more

How Accurate is Your Metro 2® Furnishing?

See areas where opportunities may be hiding in your Metro 2® furnishing files. The CFPB expects that you, as furnishers, have written documentation to explain how you have populated various Metro 2® fields from your systems of record…more


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