Behavioral Interview Guide

Tricia Wyatt put together behavioral interview questions because dealing with unique customer challenges of today requires hiring a special workforce. She also recently joined industry colleagues in an insideARM Strategy & Tech webinar about how to solve current staffing shortages.

Using a Behavioral Interview Guide Results in Smart Hiring

Financial institutions know that talent acquisition today requires a modified approach. So, you need a team to build trust with customers in order to (1) meet their needs; (2) retain them; and (3) achieve business objectives.

Therefore, your workforce’s ability to demonstrate empathy is a key ingredient to success. Start with core competencies for empathy and develop behavioral interview questions as part of your talent acquisition strategy.

The Behavioral Interviewing Guide has tools you need to start, or continue, the hunt for an empathetic workforce.

The Guide includes:

  • The “Success Profile” competency framework to screen and evaluate candidates during the hiring process
  • Scoring templates to take the emotion out of decision-making
  • Behavioral questions to draw out the desired job behaviors and skills
"What made the difference wasn't the compensation. It was coming to the culture and the competencies and the behaviors and knowing what you're looking for and being able to paint that picture for candidates. —Tricia Wyatt"

This is your guide to hiring in a post-pandemic world.

Bridgeforce has helped clients hire teams for decades. A recent client realized a 93% new hire retention rate after building a customer service team to manage hardship calls.

CLIENT SUCCESS STORYA Bridgeforce client comes to the rescue for customers during significant financial hardship

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