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Fintech Hires Bridgeforce for Annual Compliance Management System Assessment

A fintech hired Bridgeforce for an independent compliance management system assessment and received valuable risk-based enhancements tailored to its growing portfolio.

An East Coast-based point of sale fintech proactively engaged Bridgeforce to conduct an independent annual Compliance Management System Assessment (CMS) and associated business practices, as mandated by its sponsor bank. Bridgeforce not only conducted the assessment but also offered valuable guidance on risk-based prioritization of enhancements, ensuring alignment with the fintech’s expanding portfolio.

By the end of the project, the client had found an advisor they could trust to conduct annual assessments for years to come.

Compliance Management Systems: Understanding One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The client was a start-up fintech specializing in point-of-sale marketing. Due to their unique offering, they were growing rapidly. Their sponsor bank required them to conduct an independent annual assessment of their CMS and related business practices. Because the organization was small, budget constraints were a challenge. The client needed a team that could still provide a strong, valuable assessment regardless of their limitations.

Bridgeforce assessed the client’s compliance management system and provided the documentation needed to satisfy the sponsor bank.

“Bridgeforce is the cream of the crop.”— Client

Bridgeforce Trusted for Independent Assessment of the Compliance Management System

Bridgeforce was able to perform the independent assessment in just a few weeks, with two experts. We provided the client with the documentation they needed to satisfy their sponsor bank. Additionally, we provided guidance on how they should enhance their CMS as they grew.

Repetition Breeds Efficiency: Bridgeforce Completes Assessment in a Matter of Weeks

Bridgeforce’s compliance experts brought a deep understanding of the regulatory obligations that were relevant to this particular kind of fintech. With more than 170 completed regulatory-related projects, our experts were well-equipped to get the job done fast. Bridgeforce’s knowledge of consumer lending ensured discovery sessions were focused in the key risk areas, covering 12 different regulations. As a result, we completed a thorough assessment in a few weeks. The client appreciated our knowledge, thoughtful use of their time, and professional results.

Real Experience-Backed Compliance Management System Assessment is Reliable for Years to Come

The client appreciated our work so much they continued to hire us for the annual review every year thereafter. Since moving to new organizations, the client leaders with whom we worked have hired us at their new organizations and have recommended us to others.

Why Bridgeforce?

Bridgeforce was tapped for this assessment because of our deep subject matter knowledge and our tailored, risk-based approach. We also understand that one size does not fit all, and we were willing to work creatively with the client to meet their budgetary constraints. If you’re looking for an independent assessment of your compliance management system, trust Bridgeforce’s consumer lending regulatory expertise to ensure you’re always compliant. Contact us to get started.


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