Case Central™

Fast, accurate case management for credit reporting disputes.

Case CentralTM is a full-service, cloud-based case management solution. It provides a centralized place to resolve direct and indirect disputes fast.

Always Up to Date with e-OSCAR®

Case CentralTM has e-OSCAR® integration built into the platform. You can import and process new indirect dispute data as often as you’d like.

Faster Response Times

Organizations must react swiftly to keep up with an increased influx of disputes. Case CentralTM replaces manual handoffs and other time-intensive steps to keep cases flowing. You can increase response times by up to 50% on each dispute.

No Harm to Existing Infrastructure

Case CentralTM uses automation and data integration to conduct thorough and efficient investigations. But there’s no need to uproot your existing infrastructure. Case CentralTM compliments legacy systems to bring the benefits of automation to every organization processing disputes.

Play to the Strengths of Your Agents

You know your agents and their specialties best. Case CentralTM empowers them through customizable queues and workflows. These customizations ensure that every dispute gets investigated by its respective resident expert.

Conduct Thorough Investigations

Agents verifying consumer disputes have all the information required to conduct reasonable investigations in front of them. Customizable checklists for each dispute type ensures that you leave no stone unturned. Plus, Case Central’sTM universal tracking records proof of the investigation for regulators.

Put Your Customers at Ease

Today’s customers are very in-tune with their credit reports. So effective communication is key to keeping customers at ease when problems arise. Case Central’sTM digital communication capabilities provide consistent, meaningful updates to your customers.