We are seasoned practitioners with real-world problem-solving experience in the consumer banking industry. Our consultants have faced the same problems you face and bring meaningful insights and practical solutions from our 22-year track record of over 800 successful client engagements. Our primary clients include top 10 global banks, regional banks, credit unions, fintechs and private equity firms. They trust us to solve their biggest challenges, from mergers and acquisitions to complex IT integrations and the shifting sands of regulatory compliance. We are not a big-box firm—our entrepreneurial and agile approach means that we respond to every new project with a highly engaged team of the brightest and best that the industry offers. We pride ourselves on building collaborative working relationships with client teams to get the job done. Our 95% re-engagement rate is a testament to the quality of our people and the effectiveness of our tried and tested approach.

“Think [Big 4 firm], only faster, better, and more value.”

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strategy & business transformation
Strategy & Business Transformation

We create the strategic vision for our clients’ business and then execute. Our advisory services are grounded in the practical goals of increased revenue, reduced cost and improved customer satisfaction and security.

Change Management
Change Management

We accelerate clients’ change agendas, by quickly gaining the confidence of executive sponsors in order to augment in-house change teams to tackle new challenges. We take full responsibility for flawless delivery and execution.

optimal collections performance
Collections & Loss Mitigation

We build treatment strategies for evolving customer needs and regulatory requirements. We lead all aspects of vendor selection and implementation to ensure a smooth digital transition. We accomplish it all while making sure that agents have the tools and training to handle increasingly complex scenarios.

Credit Reporting & Disputes
Credit Reporting & Disputes

Our consumer reporting compliance framework integrates reporting, dispute management, controls and governance. The program includes data accuracy activities, root cause analysis of disputes and usage oversight while ensuring evidence of compliance.

Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance

For 22 years, we have met client needs driven by changing regulations. We’ve conducted hundreds of compliance assessments, prepared for and remediated exam findings, written procedures for all major elements of consumer banking, driven process improvements, built and implemented new compliance and control organizations.

risk management
Risk Management

Managing risk is not one-size-fits-all. We provide practical, tailored ways to manage all types of risk (operational, strategic or regulatory). We establish where to create controls to eradicate risks and where to develop strategy to manage and control others.

“I have worked with big 4 firms on similar engagements. From my experience, the knowledge, insight, recommendations and quality of deliverables provided through the engagement far exceeded my expectations and was superior to the firms I have worked with in the past. If ever asked for recommendations on this type of work I will always recommend Bridgeforce first.”




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Importing data into the Bridgeforce Credit Reporting Disputes Platform requires no action since you’re integrated directly with e-OSCAR. You can even set the frequency for data imports. Here, on the integrations monitor, you can see your specific imports and disputes details. They all link directly to a case. Learn more here: #CreditReporting #Demo #Video

“The most successful banking organizations are those that realize that digital banking transformation is not a ‘destination’, but a continuous process…” Digital disruption is expected to grow more common, leaving financial institutions to continue to adapt their digital approach or get left behind. The Financial Brand – Ideas & Insights for Financial Marketers discusses the capabilities needed to keep innovating.

The Bridgeforce Credit Reporting Disputes Platform makes investigating and resolving consumer #disputes simple with the all-in-one dashboard. Get to know the completely customizable hub of the platform in this one-minute video. Get more info here: