Evolve Your Training Program

5 Elements of Success in Training and Performance Management

Having trouble evolving your training program to meet business needs?

It’s the digital age, and yet banks still rely heavily on theory-driven classroom education with limited practical application. Employees only learn what success looks like without experiencing live customer interactions. Sound like your training and performance management program? You are not alone.

Deliver Results with Balanced Training
A productive training program balances teaching concepts with the ability to practice desired behaviors in a real customer environment.

If you want training that delivers results, identify behaviors that drive meaningful customer interaction and show employees what those behaviors look like when executed successfully.

“Identify behaviors that drive meaningful customer interaction and show employees what those behaviors look like.”

5 Elements to Successfully Balance Traditional Training with Interactive Learning

  1. Identify training objectives that can be measured when successfully executed, incorporating knowledge checks to gauge understanding.
  2. Create a balanced curriculum that integrates behaviors into a mix of theory and practical application with a combination of e-learning and instructor-led training.
  3. Provide multiple learning paths with passive and participatory teaching methods. The learner will hear, see, and practice concepts and customer scenarios, thus building interactive decisioning and critical thinking skills.
  4. Integrate interactive tools, including on-line support and reference guides, that shows information in real time, giving employees and consumers a better experience.
  5. Build an ‘On the Job Training Program’ that provides interactive coaching with real customer scenarios, prior to releasing employees from training.  Before any hands-on practice, use small review modules to develop the correct behavior and sharpen skills.  Develop a continuing education program that offers just-in-time learning in ‘micro burst sessions’ to improve skills quickly.
“Give employees the ability to practice and demonstrate successful behaviors while providing paths for self-service.”

Build Your Training Program with Bridgeforce

It helps to have trusted advisors with expertise to build the path forward. Consequently, financial industry leaders have called on Bridgeforce to create and facilitate training programs. We’ve built cross-product modules for both interactive and traditional training programs, designed strategies for classroom and on-the-job training, created train-the-trainer programs, and trained staff.  We are laser focused on delivering success for your business in a quick and resourceful way.

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