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Coronavirus Response State-by-State

September 1, 2020

An Updated Scorecard on Coronavirus Response From Each State

How do the states match up on their response to the pandemic? Every state has handled their coronavirus response differently resulting in various degrees of progress or standard of living. Bridgeforce analyzed several factors of the pandemic to develop a report card and ranked the states by “GPA.” Use this system to help you assess next steps for your business and customers.

Click the report card to view scores for every state. 

Bridgeforce Can Bring You “A” Grade Strategies

Our report card is a great jumping off point to gain insights on where your customer’s states fall on overall coronavirus response. Capturing the big picture is a good way to put your own business strategy into perspective to make sure you’re ultimately making the best decisions. But gaining a good perspective on the nuances states’ policies, or what has brought success or failure to other financial institutions can be hard to do with limited resources. Across the industry, Bridgeforce has worked hands-on with clients who serve customers in both “passing” and “failing” states to implement real change and adapt to varying responses. Bridgeforce’s skilled strategy and Execution team can make sure you get an A.

Report card created by: Jay Cohenford. 

Jay has nearly 20 years of experience in default management. He has specific experience in front end collections, repossession, dialer management, default strategy, incentive program design, and regulatory compliance. Since joining Bridgeforce in 2011, Jay has been a core team member in a diverse range of projects, including project management support, policy and procedure documentation, vendor system selection and implementation and underwriting scorecard validation.

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