Bridgeforce To Speak at CBA LIVE 2020

Bridgeforce to Take a Deep Dive into the Hottest Industry Topics at CBA LIVE 2020

September 29 – October 1 | 12-4pm ET

Bridgeforce industry experts will soon share their knowledge at CBA LIVE 2020 for the 7th consecutive year of providing conference attendees with leading insight into consumer banking. This year the team will cover digital collections, talent management, and risk management.

CBA LIVE, rescheduled from March, will be a virtual experience providing programming tailored toward financial services professionals motivated to learn new trends and share ideas with the most influential decision makers in the industry.

With an emphasis on strategic best practices for innovation that can bridge customer experience with business goals and regulatory mandates, Bridgeforce will bring a rich experience to conference attendees.



Bridgeforce to Host Three Sessions at CBA LIVE 2020

The Digital Imperative for Default

Virtual Roundtable – led by Michael Orefice and John Sanders

COVID-19 shined a bright light on the difference between using digital channels and facilitating digital relationships. Regardless of where your digital capabilities are today, accelerating progress and maturing your ability to provide dynamic digital customer engagement isn’t a nice-to-have, it is a business IMPERATIVE. 

In this roundtable, Bridgeforce will facilitate discussion related to rapid digital capability progression, do’s and don’ts, and the reality behind successful digital projects.

You will learn about:

    • Accelerating your capabilities to quickly create digital relationships
    • Solving gaps with digital relationships without over-complicating them
    • Steps to create a strategic digital plan

LIVE on Tuesday, September 29, 3pm ET


Keeping Your Workforce Relevant in Times of Rapid Tech Advancement

Presentation – led by Kristin Stolp and Tricia Wyatt

Business models today are changing more rapidly and frequently than at any point in the past due to digital technologies, machine learning and AI. The impact of how technology replaces, enhances, and creates different roles can leave employees feeling uncertain.

At this session, Bridgeforce experts will walk you through best practices to identify the triggers for a workplace assessment, easily defining key competencies and behaviors to perform in new or improved roles and building a well-designed change management and training program.

LIVE on Wednesday, September 30, 1pm ET


Credit Risk Long-Term Strategy and Actions to Take Now

Discussion – led by Michelle Macartney and Matt Scarborough

This session will take a long-term view to credit risk management, then will focus upon the actions that we can take now to position ourselves for long-term success.

We will draw on insights from the duration of past recessions and consider the structural changes already driven by the pandemic to clarify key elements of what must be true about the future of credit risk management and loss prevention. We will then focus upon how that will need to happen, and actions to start or accelerate the process.

You will learn about:

    • How to ground expectations for the future of credit risk in time-tested principles, while adapting strategies to paradigms that are changed forever
    • Actions that can be taken now to help your organization with the current recession and position you for success in the long-term

LIVE on Wednesday, September 30, 1:30pm ET