Mike Eisel

Client Relationship Manager, Bridgeforce Data Solutions

(302) 685-2845

I have a strong analytical focus, arming clients with an efficient, data-based approach to improving credit reporting accuracy by addressing the root cause of compliance risks.

Since joining the Data Quality Solutions practice as the second employee, Mike has helped grow the practice and develop its flagship product, the Data Quality Scanner® Solution. Wearing multiple hats, he has been involved with product development, BA/QA, and production support and delivery. More recently, with the growth of the practice, Mike has become more focused on relationship management, working with the existing client base and advising new and potential clients.

Mike’s experience in the consumer lending industry has been focused on several subject areas. During his time as a consultant, he was involved in engagements related to credit risk, underwriting, operational process improvement and consumer reporting compliance. Prior to joining Bridgeforce, Mike worked across multiple business lines for M&T Bank, including retail, business, securities and operations. And a significant amount of his focus during this period was in consumer and small-business lending. Mike helps clients mitigate consumer reporting compliance risk through use of the Data Quality Scanner, which has helped some clients reduce reporting discrepancies by 90 percent in just three months. Currently living in North Wilmington with his wife, in his free time Mike enjoys walking his dog and training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.