Michael Orefice

Director, IT Practice

Every day, companies interact with mountains of data, mapping out the relationship-disparate data points might have in generating business outcomes. I spend a significant portion of my time helping business leaders utilize these insights and apply them to technology solutions that drive business change and maximize opportunity.

Leading Bridgeforce’s ongoing focus in the delivery of technology-dependent business solutions and digital enablement, Michael has combined his experience in analytics and technology to develop business-enabling frameworks and architectures. Michael focuses on strategy and solution development at the intersection of business and technology. And over the past 25 years, he has led an advanced analytics company focused on quantitative sciences and predictive analytics for customer experience, as well as a global leader evangelizing continuous delivery for business and technology.

Michael has expertise in financial-service IT, technology optimization, cloud computing, software development and service management. And he is committed to helping leaders accelerate business outcomes and drive operational agility. Michael’s goal for clients is the development of advanced solution ecosystems that minimize their dependency on over-subscribed resources, so they can better drive top-line performance. When he’s not helping clients, Michael spends most summers at kids’ sporting events like tennis, lacrosse, basketball and baseball to help them master 360s while wake surfing on the lake.