Matt Scarborough

Managing Partner and CEO, Bridgeforce Data Solutions

I’m very proud of our existing product, and our development pipeline expands upon that foundation to help clients with additional data types and leveraging their data for actionable insights.

Matt is CEO of Bridgeforce Data Solutions and has been since its creation, first within the consulting company and then as an independent company since 2016. He has spent his career at the intersection of business and technology and is excited to create results for clients through the automation of Bridgeforce’s expertise.

Matt began his career with MBNA in the 1990’s and helped lead the bank’s early expansion into leveraging digital channels for generating new business, then was the founding CEO of EnsuredMail, a software company that provided security solutions for banking, healthcare, and governmental agencies. Matt joined Bridgeforce in 2004 after selling Ensuredmail earlier that year. He then helped lead the expansion of Bridgeforce’s services into new areas, was the founding CEO of CMC (later Katabat) until it was spun out of Bridgeforce, and became CEO of Bridgeforce in 2011. As part of these efforts he helped clients with challenges including early adoption of digital collections, responses to the credit crisis, organizational realignment, aligning business processes, technology-enabled change, and managing the regulatory environment.

I see enormous opportunity to help our clients navigate the current crisis and support risk management for the long term.