Spotlight: Get Ahead of Fraud and Stay There

With fraud volumes increasing across the industry, we’ve pulled together blogs that can help your operations manage fraud.

Consumer losses to fraud increased by 70% in 2021 over the previous year (FTC, 2/22/2022). And in the first six months of 2022, Americans reported a 50% increase of online fraud over the same period in 2021.

Fraud prevention and detection don’t have to require an expensive overhaul to your business. We’ve seen effective prevention involving workflows and analytics. The resources below will help you consider fraud from every angle and provide you with some operational adjustments to amplify your existing fraud efforts.


Use these articles to help get ahead—and stay ahead—of fraud.

Quickly Detect Banking Fraud with Operational Analytics

Three steps to help drive a faster learning cycle for fraud operations…more

Modern Fraud Risk Management

Understand–and implement–the right processes and controls to stop fraud and…more

Prepare for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Fraud Attacks

As you prepare for Black Friday, check our action steps against your existing plans for any extra controls…more

Identity Theft and 5 Steps for Improvement

See a victim’s perspective of identity theft. At the end of this insider’s journey, you’ll get tips to keep customers safe…more


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