How to Create Empathetic Collections Strategies

Creating Empathetic Collections Strategies


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Empathy in a call center is like the secret ingredient of any good recipe. One of the best ways to connect with customers is through empathy, showing you care about your customer.

Bridgeforce leadership and development expert Kristin Stolp shares the importance of empathy to connect with your customers. Her proven approach to teaching empathy to call center agents has resulted in better customer satisfaction and increased remediation via payments or treatment programs for customers in delinquency.

In this video, you’ll get the techniques Kristin uses for teaching empathetic collections strategies, and understand how to implement it successfully in a call model for long-term results. Bridgeforce is a group of problem solvers for the financial services industry. Serving banks, credit unions and other lending institutions since 2000, Bridgeforce has been the preferred partner for enabling operational change.

While we focus on financial services, these empathetic call techniques can be applied to just about every type of call center team.

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