Credit Reporting and Default Management for Small Business

Bridgeforce and SBFE Host Virtual Roundtable on Credit Reporting and Default Management

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Give your small business team the tools and guidance to successfully manage increased default volumes, PPP loan forgiveness activities and related credit reporting considerations. Watch Bridgeforce and SBFE for an interactive exchange of ideas and receive expert advice on the following topics:

  1. Data Reporting: Hear SBFE’s guidance for members’ submissions taking into consideration COVID-19 impacts and Bridgeforce’s best practices for data furnishing quality and controls
  2. Default Volumes: Find out how to use digital strategies and channels to achieve more effective and efficient collections outcomes
  3. Collecting Data for Default: Discover the power of internal and external data sources to understand risk profiles of personally guaranteed small business loans
  4. PPP Loan Forgiveness: Contribute your experiences and exchange ideas on approaches to efficiently process volume surges and effectively manage overall volumes

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Small business credit reporting and default management roundtable discussion.


This roundtable discussion featured the following Bridgeforce industry experts:

The Bridgeforce team was joined by SBFE’s Mike Stevens, Director, Information and Strategic Partnership Management.

About SBFE

The Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE) is the leading source of US small business credit information. Established in 2001 as a non-profit organization, today the exchange houses information on about 25 million businesses in its SBFE Data Warehouse™, and enables blind information exchange among its Members. Through its resources, relationships and SBFE Certified Vendors™, SBFE makes possible innovative risk management solutions by providing industry insight and analysis of aggregated small business financial data to its Members. SBFE sets the highest standards for data quality, integrity of use, data governance and information security for SBFE Data™ to protect its Members and their customers’ information. SBFE is the only Member-controlled organization of its type and is a trusted advocate in promoting the needs of the small business lending community.

About Bridgeforce

For 20 years, Bridgeforce has provided support and guidance to financial institutions of varying sizes. We have years of hands-on industry experience, with the proven ability to provide effective results for clients both on-site and remotely. You can learn about the Bridgeforce story here.

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Managing Partner, Chief Compliance Officer

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