Bridgeforce spoke on credit reporting, change management and post-pandemic hiring at CBA LIVE

Bridgeforce experts presented insights at Consumer Bankers Association’s premier conference, CBA LIVE.  For the 9th consecutive year, our team provided conference attendees with leading insight into consumer banking.

The team presented in sessions on credit reporting and disputes, hiring in a post-pandemic world, and best practices for process and change management. Our sessions emphasized strategic best practices for innovation that can bridge customer experience with business goals and regulatory mandates.

Bridgeforce Presented Three Sessions at CBA LIVE 2022

1. Your Action Plan for Credit Reporting, Disputes & Increased Scrutiny   |   Watch On-Demand

Deep Dive Workshop – Presented by Bridgeforce’s Michelle Macartney, Karen Olson of KeyBank, Drew Rosedale of Equifax and Matt Scarborough of Bridgeforce Data Solutions

Scrutiny on credit bureau furnishing, disputes handling, and complaints has greatly increased again. Fines are back and members of Congress—and the new CFPB leadership in particular—have made big statements about credit bureau issues. The good news is that the tools and techniques to get ahead of the renewed scrutiny are already here and this workshop will help you understand them.

Topics included:

  1. How to approach your plan with an end-to-end view to create the best results; including examples
  2. Steps and key elements for attendees to self-assess and prioritize any gaps that their organization has, leveraging well-proven tools and techniques
  3. Examples of actions that attendees can take after the self-assessment to drive the biggest impacts in reducing risk, reducing cost, and improving customer experience

This cross-section of industry panelists gave unique perspectives of the challenges relating to accurate consumer credit bureau reporting and what’s needed to see a reduction in the overall number of disputes and complaints attendees’ business receives.

2. Hiring for the Right Thing in a Post-Pandemic World  |  Behavioral Interviewing Question Guide

Insights Session – Led by Heather Wojcik of Santander and Tricia Wyatt

Our ever-changing world requires a modified approach to talent acquisition. So, an organization’s ability to hire people who can handle challenges faced by today’s consumer is more important than ever.

Identifying, appealing to and retaining candidates with competencies you seek is critical to meeting business objectives. In this session, Tricia covered the steps to finding your ideal candidate and what you can do to prevent losing top talent.
Topics included:

  1. How to become a magnet for talent consistent with predefined competencies such as empathy, diversity and equity proven to positively impact business and consumer outcomes
  2. Candidate screening and evaluation using a “Success Profile” framework
  3. Effective behavioral interview questioning to acquire talent consistent with desired job behaviors and skills

3. Process and Change Management:  What Works, What Doesn’t, Three Steps Toward Success  |  Process Management Rules & Tools

Insights Session – Led by John Sanders and Andrew Domino

How healthy is your current change management program?  Are you struggling to obtain organizational buy-in?  What about missing key indicators that signal impending challenges? Are you experiencing a process fraught with issues that regularly place deadlines in jeopardy?  A well-run change management program is essential to successfully introducing and implementing new and improved processes for optimal business performance.

Designed to address common pitfalls, as well as unique situations we’ve encountered in our experience, this session provided strategies to position attendees for success.

Topics included:

  1. How to identify risk using project management tenets and best practices
  2. How effective governance can be a value-add to change management
  3. How to plan for success using the right tools and activities


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