Case Studies

Automated Tool Reduces Credit Bureau Disputes

The Challenge

A large, super-regional U.S. bank with a diversified mix of consumer lending products wanted to improve credit reporting accuracy and reduce credit bureau disputes

The Solution

The Bridgeforce Data Quality Scanner Solution (DQS), an automated, independent, comprehensive diagnostic tool for reviewing credit reporting accuracy with more than 390+ risk-ranked rules

The Benefit

  • Over 30% decrease in average quarterly credit bureau dispute rate.
  • Reduced DQS-identified discrepancies by 70% in the first year of using DQS.
  • Dramatic reduction of compliance risk.

The client wanted to improve credit reporting accuracy and reduce credit bureau disputes. They formed a credit bureau working group and received Reject & Error reports from four credit reporting agencies, but lacked a process to review files pre-submission or to report back on what was being actively addressed. Additionally, the client was preparing for an upcoming FCRA Audit.

The client implemented the Bridgeforce Data Quality Scanner Solution, which quickly and accurately assesses Metro 2® compliance across multiple systems of record, whether pre- or post-submission to the Credit Reporting Agencies. DQS couples 390+ risk-ranked rules to proactively identify discrepancies at the account level with clear, easy-to-use tools that mitigate compliance risk, and has been proven to reduce disputes and associated operational costs.


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