2022 Industry Pulse Highlights Customer Experience

Senior executives from the country’s top credit and lending institutions shared their 2022 focus areas, concerns and growth plans with us. We’d asked them to provide three central points for each of these areas.

Unsurprisingly, digital transformations and customer experience serve as the critical areas of interest for the industry. We’ve compiled responses below.


Industry Leaders Focus on Digital, Compliance, Competition and New Products

Digital Transformations are the key area of focus (63%)

Digital Transformations and Regulatory Controls & Compliance are two areas where we’ve excelled when helping clients achieve success. Bridgeforce was founded on the principle of bridging the gap that exists between business needs and technology solutions.  Since our founding, our team has brought the expertise and practical experience to execute on platform selection and large-scale system replacements and migrations.

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Customer Experience Overshadows Operations and Risk as Key Concern

Customer Experience is top concernIndustry leaders are concerned about improving customer experience and trust. As a result of the drive to digital, financial institutions often struggle to ensure a smooth customer journey. Disconnects consistently occur between the front-end interface and the back-office operations.

We’ve helped clients work to bridge the gap created by acceleration. The FIs we’ve worked with have smoother customer journeys while reducing risk from legacy systems.

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Business Growth to Stem from New Products and Improved CX

New products plus customer experience improvement drive business growth

Many of these items align with what we’ve seen in the past.  However, the selection to “build and recruit an empathetic workforce” is new and gaining ground.  Leveraging our proprietary methodology for teaching empathy, our clients have seen improved customer satisfaction scores as well as a lift in collection rates.

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