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Managing Through Uncertainty: Contingency Planning for Periods of Turbulence in the Financial Sector

June 30, 2016

“Brexit” has triggered much uncertainty in the financial markets and will continue to have direct implications for banks and financial institutions in the UK and abroad. While no one knows exactly what the future holds, there are ways to best position yourself for managing the unknown.

It is important to give particular thought to the immediacy of your reactions and provide a clear plan of both immediate responses as well as the ongoing sequencing of medium and longer-term actions. Taking decisive mitigating actions will provide a strong foundation to help counteract uncertainty.

You must be clear on what is significant to you and your business and focus in on protecting that. Prepare your organization to be as resilient as possible and turn the present uncertainty and risk into purpose, drive and opportunity.

Read more about actions to help manage uncertainty brought on by Brexit by downloading the paper.