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Evaluating and Refining Your Operating Model to Untap the True Potential Within Your Organization

March 31, 2016

It can often be easy for operating models to be overlooked during periods of change or expansion. An operating model that is outdated or not fully aligned to the goals of the organization can lead to inefficiencies, slow decision making and staff disengagement. Before investing in re-engineering your operating model, a quick assessment can help determine if such an investment would benefit the organization. Bridgeforce outlines items to consider when trying to understand if your operating model could benefit from a more thorough assessment.

When conducting an assessment of your operating model, we recommend starting with identification of design principles. When putting together your design principles, it is beneficial to reference the overarching goals of the organization. Once these are laid out, the next step is documenting the current model and assessing each element against the design principles. Keeping model documentation dynamic and visual will help facilitate maintenance. The next step is to prioritize enhancement needs and determine what changes could be made to the model to enable improvements. These opportunities and options can then be worked into a formal plan.

For more detail on how to evaluate and refine your operating model, a full PDF version of this white paper is available for download.