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SCRA: Succeeding with Servicemembers

March 31, 2015

At the CBA LIVE 2016 Annual Conference, Bridgeforce led a panel titled “Succeeding with Servicemembers: Why it Matters” with a focus on the regulatory compliance and customer experience components that are required for success in this segment. The panelists brought insights from a variety of perspectives–banker, federal law enforcement and military–providing some very valuable takeaways.

4 Takeaways to Succeed with Servicemembers

Takeaway #1:  When in doubt, rule in favor of the Servicemember – Organizations often face challenging judgmental decisions when determining eligibility for the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) benefits – the panel shared perspectives that can help guide how organizations should approach these types of judgments.

Takeaway #2:  Verification can be more challenging than it seems – Nuances around orders and the DMDC can make verification a challenge. Tours of duty can end up with multiple orders. And, over-reliance on orders and expiring SCRA benefits could become problematic.

Takeaway #3:  SCRA is more than a cost equation—it’s about loyalty – When called to duty, servicemembers often have just a few days to prepare for deployment. It is highly stressful to get everything in order from finances to family. The panel shared that this is the time when a soldier will remember the treatment they received from their providers.

Takeaway #4:  Understand the soldiers’ perspective and their vulnerability – Think about what this soldier’s perspective may be. Panelists described deployment through servicemembers’ eyes to give a better sense of where there are opportunities.

I got mobilized and it was completely out of no- where. An operation was initiated and I had less than 30 days to pack up and head overseas. I’m a civilian and I look like a civilian in your data- bases—but the day I get told that I’m going, I turn into military and I start preparing my soldiers to go. I want to make sure I’m ready to go‒and they are ready to go. The last thing I want to be concerned about is my finances.   -Kelly Dickerson, Active Reservist, COO at Katabat

For details and the panelists’ perspectives on each of these valuable takeaways, read the full recap of the session.