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Managing Change in Financial Services: Getting the Basics Right

November 13, 2015

Bridgeforce is often engaged to support and refocus change initiatives already in course or provide the trigger to change in the future. While providing consulting services, we continue to find that change programs in financial services often suffer as a result of not getting some basic elements correct or taking the essential steps necessary to plan for change.

If you recognize some of the following warning signs, it is likely that your change management approach is missing some vital elements to ensure efficient and effective change:

  • There is no clear line of sight to deliverables
  • Priorities change regularly
  • The change requirements / design seem to continuously be adjusted
  • There seem to be more people managing the change than actually doing the change

Managing change within a financial services environment requires diligent planning and strong leadership skills. While there are multiple existing change management methodologies that will support change management in all types of industries, the complex regulatory, operational and stakeholder environment in banks often calls for skills and expertise beyond these methodologies.

Download the white paper Managing Change in Financial Services to learn how to assess the root cause of ineffective change and to get the basics of managing change right.