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Technology Assessment and Integration Analysis

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Staying ahead of the constant attack of fraudsters means that you have to leverage technology faster than other areas of your organization. We will help you sort through all of that. Using our industry-tested proprietary methodology, we will show you where you are vulnerable, how to integrate new technologies effectively, how to structure and how to prioritize technology implementations for fraud.

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    Bridgeforce supports the entire technology process from identification to implementation. Plus, we know what’s out there and what works. From the evaluation of new capabilities in the current infrastructure to development and implementation of a technology roadmap that taps into new technology, we provide assessments of your current and future needs, identification of technology providers, and execution support to keep you and your customers protected.

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    Dave Sanders
    Senior Program Manager, Fraud Practice Lead
    John Sanders
    Managing Partner and CEO, Bridgeforce Consulting
    Michelle Macartney
    Managing Partner, U.S. Practice