Fraud Prevention

Process Analytics: Redesign and Mapping

Is your process documented and audit-ready?

Our experience enables us to dive deep into processes to identify strengths and opportunities. We partner with our clients to design fraud process maps with reportable control points for current- and future-state protection.

Bring us your questions or challenges. We’re here to help.

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    Through process redesign and mapping, our experts are able to immediately understand your specific business practices related to fraud and compare that to industry best practices. Our domain expertise enables us to “hit the ground running.” From evaluating operating models across business areas and functions, to analyzing critical process workflows for digital-first strategies, we can design, implement and monitor optimal internal processes for the current and future state of your fraud operation.

    After our engagements clients realize greater efficiency while maximizing customer experience and reducing risk.  We emphasize seamless workflow opportunities across manual and systemic processes to ensure a smooth client friendly process that balances fraud loss with customer experience across the fraud environment.

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    John Sanders
    Managing Partner and CEO, Bridgeforce Consulting
    Dave Sanders
    Senior Program Manager, Fraud Practice Lead
    Quan Baker
    Senior Consultant