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    Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance: Connection, Confidence, Career

    Michelle Macartney, Managing Partner at Bridgeforce, will be speaking at the upcoming insideARM conference in December.

    Managing Up & Across to Influence Outcomes

    Being organizationally savvy is a must-have skill for all professionals. This session will help attendees improve so they can get the outcome they’re aiming for more often than not.

    Michelle joins Karen Chow, Director of Finance Technology at to present this interesting, and sometimes psychological, approach to managing outcomes. In this interactive workshop, Michelle and Karen will walk through the “7 Persuasion Principles.” Then, they will share how to create an approach that considers the personalities and motives of influencees. Finally, attendees will practice as they learn techniques to manage up and across to achieve outcomes.

    Regardless of business area, everyone, at some point, works on large projects with cross-functional teams where decisions need to be made as a group.  So, getting the tools to navigate and influence people who have differing work styles can help drive successful outcomes at any level.

    Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance Conference

    Session Date:   Wednesday, December 9

    Session Time: 2:30-3:55pm ET

    Information about the insideARM Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance conference here.

    Bridgeforce is a proud supporter of insideARM.