Credit Reporting and Disputes Management

Bridgeforce Disputes Platform FAQs

The Bridgeforce Credit Reporting Disputes Platform is an all-in-one solution for dealing with high dispute volumes. Its deep integration with e-OSCAR and comprehensive workflows allow you to save FTE time when tracking and resolving credit reporting disputes. The Platform effortlessly handles multiple complex data types, giving you a leap in efficiency while remaining compliant to the CFPB’s credit reporting regulations.

Below are commonly asked questions about the Bridgeforce Disputes Platform.


1. Does this integrate with any other existing platforms or programs?

The Bridgeforce Credit Reporting Disputes Platform integrates directly with e-OSCAR for simple and efficient transaction bi-directional processing.


2. Does the Platform need to be integrated with any client systems?

It doesn’t need to be but becomes much more powerful when you do. There are also available integrations with various systems of record, including Fiserv First Data, FIS Global, TSYS, Symitar, Temenos, and many others.


3. What is the typical installation time to get fully set up with the Platform?

Your instance of the Platform, tailored to fit your needs, is available in just two weeks, including integration with e-OSCAR.


4. Can you really answer disputes from different CRAs simultaneously?

Yes! The Platform pulls in complex data and logic from all four major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, Tansunion, and Innovis) so that you can manage disputes all in one place.


5. How involved will my IT team have to be during the setup process?

The Platform is a hosted solution, so there should be minimal impact to your IT team’s current workload. If you’d like to include optional integrations, we will need your IT team to provide applicable access.


6. How much does the Platform cost?

The cost of the initial implementation ranges between $20,000 and $30,000. Licensing fees are customized based on volume. Additional integrations are available for an additional fee.


7. Do you have a demo video?

Yes, our recorded overview of the Platform can be viewed here.


8. How do I sign up?

Speak to our experts, get your personalized demo, and try the Platform out for yourself by filling out the form found here.