Collections and Loss Prevention

Webinar On-Demand: Collections Vendor Selection Part 2

April 15, 2021

Webinar: Finding Your Fit When Selecting Collections Tech

Discover best practices with proven examples to set up your vendor selection for success.

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This Webinar Covered:

  • Top considerations to make before requirement building
  • Best approach to managing needs from operations and IT
  • Tips and tricks that put you in the driver’s seat for vendor demos
  • A proven scoring methodology resulting in a fair, measured selection

Access this webinar’s slide deck to help you get started:

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Part 3, Collections Tech Implementation 101

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Steps we’ve successfully used for implementations that result in immediate ROI. You’ll learn:

  • Tangible project management strategies to set up implementation the right way
  • 10 blind spots that can waste time and increase cost
  • Examples from our experts on how they’ve helped clients overcome the blind spots

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Below, find infographics that provide additional details to the steps we covered in the webinar.

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