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Webinar On-Demand: 7 in 7 Rule Change Interview

August 4, 2021

Webinar: Everything You Need to Know About the 7 in 7 Rule

Learn about proven tactics to help you adapt to the upcoming debt collections 7 in 7 rule changes. Access the webinar for On-Demand viewing.

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The Way 1st and 3rd Party Collectors Approach Customer Outreach is About to Change

The CFPB rules under the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act are going to change how collectors approach customer outreach. Call caps are going to prohibit collectors from making more than one call attempt in a 7-day period. 

Looking to Stay Compliant?

We’ve seen a lot of uncertainty within organizations about how to maintain collections performance with more restrictive regulations on the primary collections contact channel (phone calls). So, I caught up with my colleague – and collections expert – Shawn Murray, to talk about how organizations can use these new rules as a catalyst for positive change and ultimately, collect more dollars.

In this 17 minute webinar, catch my full conversation with Shawn as we discuss:

  • What the new rules mean for collectors like you
  • Impacts to 1st party vs. 3rd party collectors
  • Successful alternatives for engaging with customers

Access the recording so that you’re ready for the rule change on November 30!

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