Case Study

Bridgeforce Helps Large US Bank Find Clarity And Accuracy Opportunities In Metro 2® Data Mapping

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    The Challenge

    While proactively enhancing credit reporting processes, concerns arose over gaps and how the systems of record (SOR) mapped to monthly Metro 2 files.

    The Solution

    Bridgeforce conducted a baseline credit reporting process review for each SOR and developed “audit ready” conversion documents for each system.

    The Benefit

    • “Priceless” documentation that satisfies BCFP examiner requests
    • Clarity for how each SOR maps and converts data into Metro 2 file format
    • Enhancement Plan for accuracy improvements

    The client, a large US bank, had been actively working to make enhancements to their credit reporting processes. Yet, organizational concerns existed about potential gaps and not having a clear understanding of how systems of record mapped to Metro 2 files sent to CRAs.

    Bridgeforce received source code specific to the Metro 2 generation module and was provided with access to the definitions for each technical field. Using this information and interacting with technical SMEs, Bridgeforce developed the Metro 2 conversion documents.

    The result was a ~150-200 page document, which details how each SOR maps and converts data into the Metro 2 file format. This includes any additional formatting required for Metro 2 compliance (e.g. changing dates to MMDDYYYY) and calculations where a field doesn’t have a one-to-one mapping (e.g. current balance).

    For each SOR, Bridgeforce also produced an “Enhancement Plan” that identified opportunities to improve the accuracy of the Metro 2 file generation logic.  The client proclaimed that the value of the Metro 2® documentation was “priceless” as a critical input to satisfy information requests from BCFP examiners.