Case Study

Bridgeforce Identifies and Implements Process Automation to Achieve Estimated $1.15 Million in Fraud Recovery

The Challenge

The client, a top-20 bank, was struggling to keep up with fraud and dispute volumes while working within an infrastructure optimized for manual processing. The bank asked Bridgeforce to identify processes that could be automated to increase recovery and reduce staffing costs.

The Solution

Bridgeforce conducted a targeted assessment to identify and prioritize opportunities and constraints, honing in on the repeatable manual processes that consumed agent time and slowed the time to process chargeback claims. Together, the client and Bridgeforce validated the value (based on headcount and recovery impact), and then sequenced efforts to maximize value capture. Bridgeforce worked alongside internal teams to gather process automation (BOT) requirements for the internal development team to execute. This yielded a shortened development time and allowed the client to focus internal resources on the highest value process.

The Benefit

Bridgeforce’s work ultimately shortened development time and helped the client focus resources on highest-value processes. The team helped the bank quickly reduce an initial backlog of 25,000 claims to less than 5,000 within weeks.

  • The team’s work supported client growth through automation, eliminating work from operations staff and reducing headcount needs.
  • Bridgeforce quickly reduced backlog of 25,000 eligible claims to less than 5,000 – with a projection to completely eliminate the entire backlog within weeks. 
  • The bank experienced reduced processing times (and compliance and SLA targets) through elimination of the backlogged claims.
  • Bridgeforce increased the client’s recovery of over $1M (claims are processed more quickly and within SLAs).

The average number of chargebacks processed per day has doubled… Processing over $1.5M in recoveries… The backlog of 25,000 eligible items was reduced and brought current within a month…  -Client


The bank needed outside experience to challenge existing IT processes and identify areas that could be automated to provide the most value. So, they relied on Bridgeforce’s extensive client-side experience to quickly understand the bank’s processes, identify opportunities for fraud process automation and find best-fit solutions for deployment.

Bridgeforce’s job was to:

  • Work within an existing current infrastructure that had limited status and data to process claims automatically.
  • Identify gaps and opportunities in the current system that would impact policy, process, and technology.
  • Define, test and successfully implement the new fraud process automation. 
  • Develop an action road map for both short- and long-term enhancements.

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