WFH Tips From Bridgeforce Consultants

April 16, 2020

For Bridgeforce, remote work isn’t the new norm.

In a time when quarantines and social distancing have disrupted our daily routines, remotely working from home has quickly become the new norm for maintaining connections and supporting businesses by getting work done. For Bridgeforce consultants however, remote work isn’t new – and hasn’t been for over 10 years. Our  team helped us gather their best WFH tips and tricks to staying healthy, happy, and focused while working remotely at home. Below on this blog and our LinkedIn page, keep your eye out for tested tips on being successful when not working in the office or onsite with clients.

Tips for Being Focused

  • Carve out a dedicated work area. An office, a space in a bedroom, the basement; somewhere relatively private. Do NOT try to work from the kitchen table near the refrigerator! – Adam Chandler, Senior Program Manager
  • Ensure that family members living with you understand that you are working while in your “office space” and thus should not be disturbed unless something is urgent. A homemade sign works well.- Michelle Macartney, Managing Partner
  • Wear shoes, even if they are “house shoes” (meaning you do not wear them outside and get them dirty). It helps with your back, your mentality and your housekeeping! – Andrew Domino, Managing Partner
  • Don’t wear your pajamas all day – dress similarly to going to work on a normal day (but be comfortable). – Brian Reiss, Board Chairman
  • Don’t face the window if you are easily distracted! It can be easy to drift into staring outside and daydreaming. – Adam Chandler, Senior Program Manager

Tips for Staying Healthy and Happy

Tips for Better Organization

Tips for Staying Productive

  • Buy a desktop day calendar (quotes or definitions recommended). Helps you stay grounded in what day it is. – Andrew Domino, Managing Partner
  • Establish a routine daily prior to the beginning of your workday. To make sure I’m up and alert, I walk my dog, shower, and have breakfast. – Quan Baker, Senior Consultant
  • Keep a schedule. Doesn’t have to be perfect or rigid, but have pretty clear start and stop times. Don’t let work quietly expand throughout the entire morning/day/evening. – Adam Chandler, Senior Program Manager
  • Get up and start the day as if you’re going to the office, i.e. take a shower, eat breakfast, get ready for the day. (For the women, hair styling and make-up is optional!). – Michelle Macartney, Managing Partner

Tips for Staying Social