Loss Prevention Effects from COVID-19

May 19, 2020

Loss Prevention Resources

In March, we’d established an internal COVID-19 task force to aggregate information across both the US and UK. This task force determined best practices for servicing customers and colleagues.

The initial shock and early after-effects of the pandemic have now passed and we see loss prevention as the industry’s next primary focus.

Our new loss prevention task force helps clients and the industry at large to assess the landscape. Our task force’s ultimate goal is to provide materials to help find a balance for repetitional risk, shareholder value and customer assistance in today’s economic recession.

To gain access to one of our experts,  please reach out to us with any questions or support as you progress through these times.

Resource List

1. Get Ready for Loss Prevention – Our webinar here and slides from insideARM‘s Leading Strategically Through the Recovery series.

2. 2008 versus 2020 – Critical data indicators comparing the Great Recession of 2008 to early data from 2020.

3. Report Card by State for the USEmployment factors combine with COVID-19 health data to provide overall grade and ranking per state.

4. Progressive Debt Management in a post-COVID World – Managing debt with the Bridgeforce target operating model design framework.

5. Cost Reduction Strategies that Work – To realize cost savings permanently, our team has developed a list of actions you can take right now.

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