COVID-19 Resources: Updates and Guidance

April 14, 2020

COVID-19 Resources for Financial Institutions

In March, we established an internal COVID-19 task force to aggregate information across both the US and UK. This task force determines best practices for servicing customers and colleagues as events continue to unfold. Resources have included communications best practices for implementing payment relief options, credit reporting during disaster situations and the key areas to put focus.

Here is our series of resources to give readers the most effective ways to support those impacted by the pandemic. This page will be updated regularly.

We are most focused on ensuring that our friends, family, clients and colleagues are staying safe and healthy.  In this spirit, please reach out to us with any questions, or if you need our support, as you work through these times.

Resource List

  1. Four Areas of Imminent Fraud & Disputes Volumes – Improve your readiness now by focusing on the following four areas of disputes where you should expect to see an increase and where you may find/prevent fraud.
  2. WFH: Maintaining Normalcy in a Virtual Workplace – The tips and best practices to managing a workforce new to a work-from-home environment.
  3. Credit Reporting During COVID-19  – Bridgeforce provides highlights of the reporting guidance from CDIA as well as operational tips and best practices to act on for credit reporting during a disaster situation.
  4. Communicating & Implementing COVID-19 Payment Relief Options – Bridgeforce analyzed guidance from the ABA website on treating impacted customers of COVID-19 and provided analysis and best practices for implementing the options to consumers.
  5. COVID-19: Preparedness and Safety – Three critical areas to focus on as the crisis unfolds, and financial institutions navigate COVID-19 in varying stages of readiness while managing all aspects of their business. Efforts will range from reprioritizing projects to reallocating resources to communicating rapid change through a period of unchartered uncertainty.
  6. Working Remotely At Home – Blog series with various suggestions from Bridgeforce consultants covering topics from focus and productivity to health.

Watch this space for more information. We will post any new information from our LinkedIn page, follow @Bridgeforce today to get the information in real time.