COVID-19: Preparedness and Safety

March 16, 2020

Bridgeforce is Your Partner in Preparedness and Safety

The rapid advancement of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in tremendous change and uncertainty in the global economy—and our lives in general. Like you, we’ve been monitoring news coverage as it evolves for the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on the economy.

We have been actively heeding recommended preventative measures from both the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. As always, our priority is the well-being of our team, our clients and their customers.

As the crisis unfolds, financial institutions will navigate COVID-19 in varying stages of readiness while managing all aspects of their business. Efforts will range from reprioritizing projects to reallocating resources to communicating rapid change through a period of unchartered uncertainty.

Prepared to Help Regardless of Time Zones and Travel Bans

During these times, we remain fully prepared to support you and your efforts. Over the last 20 years, we have helped clients manage and improve their business during uncertain times.

Bridgeforce is digitally enabled with employees who have worked remotely for over 10 years. Time zones and travel bans don’t limit our ability to help clients realize executable solutions.

So, as financial institutions restrict visitors from coming to their sites, we gladly accommodate these precautions. Technology allows us to continue working with clients on current projects as well as critical path business continuity planning and execution.

As always, our priority is the well-being of our team, our clients and their customers.

Our people are the “force” behind Bridgeforce. As part of ensuring that our team (and yours) is protected, we are in constant contact with our clients and we encourage video and teleconference meetings through the coming weeks.

Travel at Bridgeforce is always based on client need. When traveling during these times and in addition to guidance from the CDC and the WHO, we recommend that our workforce use sanitizing wipes to disinfect airplane space as well as ground transportation and hotel rooms. We suggest wiping down luggage handles after being in overhead bins and when baggage is checked with the airline. We are 100% committed to accommodating our team and our clients to ensure the safety and wellness of individuals throughout our industry.

Decision Making Driven by Information

We are also committed to providing any insight that helps clients gather information. Three areas that will be crucial throughout the pandemic:

1) The importance of proactive loss mitigation – Customer outreach regarding payment holidays, short-term debt relief, freezing of payments, etc.

2) Appropriate handling of data furnishing for credit reporting – Guidance on forbearance reporting as well as how to support consumers and business owners experiencing difficulties beyond their control.

3) Rapid deployment of digital services required to enable business continuity – Revamped process and procedures for telecommuting employees. Also, selection and implementation of digital solutions to enable customer self-servicing.

Ask Us Anything

When striving for readiness as this crisis plays out, our clients and any financial institution can contact us for specific strategies and actions around proactive loss mitigation, data furnishing for credit reporting and digital enablement, or any other questions that arise.

In times like these, gathering information is critical to making decisions. We are happy to speak with you commitment-free as the coronavirus situation continues to evolve. Should you need to rapidly move into action and require assistance, we’re ready to help you meet the uncertainty of COVID-19 head on.



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