Special to Bridgeforce: Retire the Macros because RPA is Legit: The Wonderful World of Automation

December 18, 2018

Special Contribution from Michael Orefice, Bridgeforce IT Director

To all of the business leaders out there, RPA can change your life. It unlocks countless capabilities that other industries have already tapped into.

Listen, from time to time, we get to experience a time when technology has a profound impact on our lives. Without chronicling the journey from the TRS80 to the iPhone X, it’s a pretty good bet that RPA is the next big thing for running your business.

Now, before stirring up a Twitter storm to proclaim this as yesterday’s news, let’s see if we can’t build out an RPA playlist that everyone thinks is worth listening to.

For starters, check out the low hanging fruit – the basic RPA benefits.

  • Automate repetitive human processes (No Brainer)
  • Create a consistent, highly repeatable execution capability (Easy)
  • Provide a clear line of visibility in to the volume and completion of tasks (Easy)
  • Eliminate compensating controls developed to safeguard human error (Like It)

Next, look at some of the cool stuff we can do with RPA.

  • Increase the scope of every process to include the things we aren’t doing today because we don’t have automation
  • Leverage a set of connectors and easy buttons that access the ever-growing cloud stuff that makes life easier
  • Incorporate NLP, NLG, Image Recognition, Document Verification, Web Content Capture and a host of other API-like service options available on the world wide web

Now let’s get a little hardcore techie.

  • On-demand data transport for internal core systems into real-time decisioning, process flows or digital strategies
  • Logic-based task completion based for complex business processes
  • Core system abstraction integrating API and SOA frameworks with evolving business needs
  • A low code/no code value framework that minimizes technology engagement and enables business flexibility

RPA may be the most disruptive solution of the decade because it can unlock capabilities that the likes of Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others are packing into what everyone calls the cloud. Need NLP? Try Google’s Cloud Natural Language. Want to know whether the picture on the ID your customer sent you is actually Bigfoot? Try Amazon Rekognition.

So, if you want to achieve any of the following – RPA may be the way to go:

  • Increase operational efficiency for manual processes
  • Improve the consistency of process execution
  • Capture things like compliance, reporting and process data in real-time
  • Create a way to engage emerging technologies on the cloud or in the vendor ecosystem
  • Reduce operational reliance on internal technology requests to affect business change

If you have a boatload of bitcoin and plenty of time on your hands, feel free to submit an internal project request. Just kidding. In all seriousness, RPA can help you increase operational agility and have more business autonomy while delivering capabilities that put the power of innovation back in your hands. We can be your guide and help you avoid the pitfalls along the way, just contact us today to talk through what you’re considering and how to make a plan into reality.